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Yes, anyone can become a DUO Member. However, you will only start accumulating DUO Points if you spend within Tan Chong International (except for Tan Chong Credit & Singapore Automotive Industries click here for the full list of companies under the DUO Programme.)
With DUO, you can earn DUO Points for purchases made within Tan Chong International. DUO Points can be used to redeem free car servicing vouchers, apartment stays, merchandise as well as car rental packages and chauffeur services. Beyond DUO Rewards, members can use DUO Privileges to cater to their lifestyle choices with discounted travel packages, shopping, and dining and entertainment deals. On top of this, members can expect priority to events as well as first-hand news about special promotions.
As of now, the DUO membership is limited to Singapore only. However, with your continuous support, we will soon be able to provide the same service regionally, where you will then be able to accumulate points and redeem them overseas.
Yes, companies engaging the services of Tan Chong International can sign up for the DUO programme. All you have to do is indicate that you are signing up as a company whilst registering (Choose "Corporate Sign-Up" on the sign in page and enter Business Registration Number).
You can update your personal information changes by logging in to our website and then clicking on "My Account" and selecting "Update".
You could sign up at or any of our branches.To sign up now, click here. A SMS will be sent to the mobile number provided upon successful registration.
You have to activate your account by keying in your first transaction invoice number and invoice date. This is a one-time application.
After account activation, your subsequent spending will automatically be credited into your account. If you do not receive your DUO Points within 3 working days, contact us at
For new members, you have to ensure that you sign up for your DUO Rewards membership on the same date of purchase and activate your account. Your points will be accrued to you upon full payment. You can check your new points balance by logging on to our website.

When signing up for DUO Rewards membership, please ensure that you are the registered vehicle owner. For company registered vehicles, please use your company ROC number to register.
DUO Points are credited based on your spending after the deduction of prevailing GST from the nett selling price. For new vehicle owners, the DUO Points are credited based on your spending after the deduction of prevailing GST from the nett selling price and COE charges.
DUO Points can be used to redeem DUO Rewards which we have specially selected for you.
No. DUO Points are non-transferrable.
Your membership stays with you for life; however, your DUO Points will expire in three years (starting from the month of accumulation).
Every 1 SGD spent with Tan Chong International and / or its partners and affiliates gives you 1 DUO Dollar (after the deduction of prevailing GST from the final invoiced amount and COE charges).
DUO Points are credited to your account each time you purchase a product or engage a service within Tan Chong International (except for Tan Chong Credit & Singapore Automotive Industries). Please click here for a full list of services, product ranges that allows for the accumulation of DUO Points.
DUO Rewards are benefits (in the form of products or services) that you could redeem using your accumulated DUO Points.
After successful redemption, kindly print out the redemption voucher(s) from ‘My Redemption’ page for collection. For Wilby Apartment Stay and Downtown Car Rental/Limousine services, kindly call the respective companies, in advance, for reservations.

Please note that all vouchers are valid for three months from the month of redemption and the use of vouchers are subjected to the respective Terms and Conditions.
DUO Privileges are additional lifestyle benefits such as Dining Deals, Travel and Holiday packages, Shopping discounts, you can enjoy by simply identifying yourself as a DUO Rewards Member.
You can identify yourself as a DUO Member by printing the DUO Privileges vouchers from the DUO Website. The “Print” option will only be visible upon log in.
The Maybank DUO Platinum MasterCard will allow you to earn tr’eats points, when you charge to your Maybank DUO Platinum MasterCard.

Tr’eats points can then be converted to DUO Points, 1 tr’eats point will give you 1 DUO Points. Tr’eats points can be converted in blocks of 500 (I.e. 500 tr’eats points to 500 DUO Points, 1000 tr’eats points to 1000 DUO Points etc.)
To redeem tr’eats Points for DUO Points, DUO Cardmembers are required to participate in the Maybank DUO programme by enrolling their DUO username with Maybank.

You can then redeem your tr’eats Points for DUO Points through online redemption via, Online Banking, or fax or mail in the Maybank tr’eats Points redemption form.

Click here to download a copy of the Maybank tr’eats Points redemption form.
You could sign up at any of our branches, or alternatively, you could sign up by clicking here.
In the event of your Maybank DUO Platinum MasterCard being lost or stolen, you should immediately notify the Maybank Call Centre at 6533 5229.
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