Is it safe to drive with an oil leak?

Hey DUO members, if you see a puddle of greasy liquid on the ground under your vehicle’s engine compartment, it may be a sign of mechanical trouble!

While the severity of a vehicle oil leak depends on several factors, such as the location and size of the leak, a large oil leak may indicate damage of the engine gasket or valve seal, and can lead to abnormalities in the powertrain due to low oil pressure. If oil gets on a hot exhaust pipe, in rare and severe cases, it may smoke or even catch fire.

It is therefore recommended to check the undercarriage of your vehicle regularly. If you notice a small amount of oil seepage, take your car to one of our workshops for inspection and rectification. For large oil puddles, or if you see oil dripping from the engine compartment when your car is parked, please call our breakdown assistance hotline immediately for advice.

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