$10 CapitaVoucher

3500 DUO Points


Terms and Conditions:

1. This CapitaVoucher is valid only (a) if duly stamped with an authorised stamp and (b) during the period commencing on the date of issuance ending on the stamped or printed expiry date.

2. The value of this CapitaVoucher is denominated in Singapore currency.

3. This CapitaVoucher may be used for purchases of an equivalent or lower value at participating malls and outlets (excluding roadshows and pushcarts), unless otherwise stated.

4. This CapitaVoucher may be used for purchases of a higher value, on payment of the difference.

5. Multiple CapitaVouchers may be used for the same transaction with a participating outlet.

6. This CapitaVoucher cannot be replaced if it is lost, stolen, or in CapitaLand Voucher Pte. Ltd.'s opinion, has been unlawfully obtained, or has expired or been voided, or is or appears to be a conterfeit or altered, defaced, damaged or tampered with.

 7. This CapitaVoucher, once issued, cannot be returned, exchanged or replaced with CapitaVoucher(s) of higer, equal or lower denomination, or digital CapitaVoucher(s) or STAR$ of any value.

8. No refund shall be given if the value of this CapitaVoucher presented to a participating outlet exceeds the amount payable. The circumstances under which a CapitaVoucher is refundable are set out in the full terms and conditions.

9. CapitaLand Voucher Pte. Ltd. and participating outlets may not accept any CapitaVoucher which, in their respective opinions, has been unlawfully obtained, or has expired or been voided, or is or appears to be a counterfeit or altered, defaced, damaged, or tampered with.

10. This CapitaVoucher shall not be used for or in connection with (a) any unlawful or fraudulent purpose or activity, or (b) save with the prior approval of CapitaLand Voucher Pte. Ltd., any business or commercial purpose or activity.

11. CapitaLand Voucher Pte. Ltd. and the Approved Bank shall not be responsible for any claim, demand, loss, cost, expense or liability of any kind, which may be suffered or incurred by any person (a) in using or attempting to use any CapitaVoucher, (b) in relation to any goods and/or services provided or to be provided by a participating outlet, or (c) in connection with any act or omission by a participating outlet.

12. CapitaVouchers is a widely accepted stored valued facility. CapitaLand Voucher Pte. Ltd. is the Approved Holder and particulars of the Approved Bank may be found on the websites referred to below.

13. The full terms and conditions applicable to the CapitaVouchers (including the use of this CapitaVoucher) are available on the CapitaVoucher website (www.capitavoucher.com.sg).

14. For the full list of participating malls and outlets. please refer to www.capiatavoucher.com.sg.

Items can be collected from the following location:

The Subaru Hub
19 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh
Level 4 - Parts Department
Singapore 319255

Operating Hours:
9am - 5pm Monday to Saturday except Sunday & Public Holidays
1) Redemption of item is subjected to availability.
2) TC Connections reserves the right to replace this item with another.
3) Merchandise can only be redeemed via Self Collection at our office.
4) There will be no exchange of goods once it has left the premises.
As such, members are advised to inspect all goods upon collection.
5) All redemptions are final, not returnable and non-refundable once redeemed.
Duo points will not be reinstated.
6) Voucher may not be used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts.
7) Each voucher must be utilised within three months from date of redemption.
8) Please present voucher before making purchase.
9) Offer valid only while stocks last

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